The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and its governance board the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) identified the need for public bodies that produce statistical information to be seen as authoritative and trusted. The UKSA published a Code of Practice for Statistics (UK Statistics Authority 2009) to outline principles of good practice for statistical products and it is against this code that UKSA assess statistics to ensure their quality.

As a producer of Official Statistics in Scotland the SSSC is encouraged to comply with the Code and must comply with the pre-release access rules set forth in the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics (Scotland) Order 2008.  Our 2011 Workforce Data report published in October 2012 was our first Official Statistics publication.

Publications with the National Statistics (NS) kitemark are assessed by the UKSA to ensure they are complying with the Code of Practice (this assessment process is the key difference between OS and NS documents). The report on the MHO Survey was approved as a National Statistics publication when it was undertaken by Scottish Government, and the SSSC took over responsibility for it from December 2012.  The UKSA have assessed the SSSC’s MHO publication for compliance with the Code of Practice and the letter of confirmation of National Statistics status can be found here. National Statistics publications must also comply with the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics (Scotland) Order 2008.

To comply with the Code of Practice for Statistics, the SSSC has produced the following documents to set out its practice in relation to quality assuring data, revisions and corrections to publications and confidentiality: