Social service workforce perceptions

15 Apr 2013

SSSC Vision, issue three. There are a range of myths about the social services workforce. For example many people outside social services think it is staffed by volunteers or all workers are employed by the local authority or that the vast majority of people working in the sector are social workers. This briefing will debunk some of these common myths which will be helpful for employers, people already working in social services and anyone considering a career in social services. It also explores six common myths about the social services workforce.

The front page of SSSC Vision issue three.

SSSC Vision is a new series of briefings aimed at social service employers. Each edition has information and analysis on important themes, topics and issues highlighted in our latest Social Services Sector in Scotland: Workforce Skills Report 2011/2012 (WSR).

The WSR analyses the current and future social services workforce challenges in Scotland. The report also outlines the key skills issues reported by employers, people who use services, carers and other stakeholders. These issues were discussed at a series of events and meetings across Scotland. Individuals were also invited to complete an online questionnaire.

The purpose of these briefings is to focus on selected themes identified in the WSR. Each edition ends with a section focusing on what this means for employers and how the SSSC can support your service.

We hope you find SSSC Vision helpful. If you have any questions about these briefings or the WSR, please contact Neil Macleod, Policy Co-ordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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