LASWS survey materials

You can download the templates and guidance notes for the 2016 LASWS census survey below. The reference date for the survey is Monday 5 December 2016.

Description Type   Size Link 
Fair Processing Notice pdf 47 KB  Download
Instructions for completion pdf 1.22 MB Download
Survey template 2016 xlsm 3.61 MB Download
Starters and leavers tool guidance pdf 370 KB Download
Starters and leavers tool xls 5.03 MB Download
Starters and leavers example xls 5.04 MB Download

Please note that although the Starters and leavers tool documents and files are labelled for previous years, they can still be used for the 2016 census survey.

In order to enable new functionality to help produce the MHO data, we have switched the template to a macro-enabled version (extension: xlsm). If there are any problems in using this, please contact us.

Survey data submissions should be made using the secure sign-in area of this website by Friday 10 March 2017.