Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2015 Workforce Data

31 Aug 2016

Publication Withdrawn

This publication has been withdrawn because we have identified an issue in the data. This issue has arisen from the way combined housing support & care at home services operate. Such services may de-combine or recombine over time as a result of regulatory requirements. This is a new phenomenon and led to double-counting of some staff. There was also a small knock-on effect on services which have a staffing estimate imputed. We are now aware of this issue and can identify it and prevent the double-counting in future.

In summary, corrections to the data will have the following effects:

  • The overall staffing estimate for 2015 will reduce by around 2490.
  • 28 services will see a change in their staffing estimate, all in housing support/care at home.
  • Almost all of the services are in the voluntary sector, with only one in the private sector.
  • Six local authority areas are involved: Dumfries & Galloway, City of Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow City, Highland and North Lanarkshire.

In addition to withdrawing this publication and associated tables, we will also withdraw the detailed data tables for 2015.

We are currently preparing the 2016 Workforce Data Report for publication. This will see accurate 2015 figures used. We will then work on revising the 2015 Workforce Data Report and detailed data tables, with publication expected in October 2017. However, we have been able to update the 2015 data in the interactive visualisation section with immediate effect.