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Please note that there has been a change to the way in which the Scottish Social Services Council refers to the sector that it works within. Previous workforce intelligence reports and publications have used the terminology of ‘social services workforce’ and ‘social services sector’. This has now changed and the terminology used by the Scottish Social Services Council is now ‘social service workforce’ and ‘social service sector’. It should be noted that the Scottish Social Services Council regards the two terms as synonymous. The change does not indicate any change to the boundaries of the sector or to the areas of the SSSC’s responsibilities, these remain as before. It is simply a change to the language used.

September 2014

Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2013

25 Sep 2014

The Scottish Social Services Council today published the Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2013.

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May 2013

Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2012

29 May 2013

The Scottish Social Services Council today published the 2012 Mental Health Officers' report.

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April 2013

Training and skills development in social services

15 Apr 2013

SSSC Vision, issue six. This briefing focuses on the training activity in Scotland and the latest data on the awards and qualifications that are relevant to the social service sector in Scotland.

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The use of technology in service delivery and workforce developments

15 Apr 2013

SSSC Vision, issue five. Technology has a vital role to play in the development of the social service workforce. This briefing considers the use of technology in social services and the implications for the workforce. It focuses on the use of telecare and telehealthcare services, their implications for social services workers and the use of technology to support workforce development.

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Self-directed support, direct payments and personal assistants

15 Apr 2013

SSSC Vision, issue four. This information will be helpful for employers considering how to reshape their services to ensure they support people in receipt of self-directed support.

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