How this website can help you

Scottish Social Services Workforce Data is a unique, free to use, online resource providing you with all the workforce data and reports that the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) publish on the social services sector in Scotland.

All our data publications in one place,,

You will find all our workforce information and intelligence publications as well as our workforce data releases on this website. These include:

The website holds data on the sector’s workforce from 2008 onwards.

Keeping you informed


Visit our news section for announcements about publication dates and updates about our work and the data revisions section to be aware of any revisions or corrections made to previously published data or reports.

Data by area

Download spreadsheets providing you with detailed information about the workforce. You will find more information here than is currently available in our workforce data reports.The spreadsheets allow you to interrogate the data further if you need to.

Interactive visualisations

Our interactive data visualisation tool allows you to create your own charts and tables using data we hold about those in paid employment in the sector. This is the same data used in the SSSC's annual reports on the social services workforce.

If you are involved in planning and delivering social services at a national or local level, then this flexible, easy-to-use tool can help you. You can identify gaps in supply, benchmark against other areas and improve your understanding and knowledge of your own and neighbouring areas.

Find out about our role and responsibilities

The SSSC has responsibilities as a producer of Official and National Statistics. You can read about our responsibilities under the Code of Practice for Statistics as well as information on how we are meeting these requirements. You can also find information about our regular meetings with stakeholders and minutes of those meetings here.