Workforce skills reports

Background to Workforce Skills Reports

As part of the Sector Skills Council, Skills for Care & Development (SfCD), the SSSC has been involved in analysing supply and demand of skills to the sector since 2007. The first such analysis was the Sector Skills Agreement (SSAg) report begun in 2007 and published 2008. The report was part of a UK-wide analysis of skills needs and demands in the social service sector, and can be found here.

Following the SSAg, Sector Skills Councils were required to produce further reports called Sector Skills Assessments (SSA) and two were published, one in 2010 (available here) and the other in 2012 (available here).

The requirement for Sector Skills Councils to undertake such analyses was dropped following the 2012 SSA. However, the SSSC was keen for elements of the work to be continued so it developed and published two similar analyses called Workforce Skills Reports (WSR), one in January 2013 (available here) and a second in December 2014 (available here).

All of the above reports were produced by the SSSC’s Workforce Intelligence (WI) team. Following restructuring of the WI team in 2014, responsibility for future WSRs was transferred to the SSSC’s Strategic Performance and Engagement Department. The most recent WSR (published in the autumn of 2017) can be found here.