Intelligence bulletins

These Intelligence bulletins from the Scottish Social Services Council, as part of Skills for Care and Development, will let you find out more about the workforce and help plan the Scottish social services workforce for the future. Skills for Care and Development is the sector skills council for social care, children and young people’s workforce in the UK.

July 2019

The Demand For Social Workers

01 Jul 2019

We have published the Demand For Social Workers report.

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This report examines data from a range of sources on the supply and demand for social workers in Scotland. It begins with admissions and completions from social work training courses and looks at the numbers who then register with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) as newly qualified social workers (NQSWs). It then considers the total number on the Register and the numbers employed as practising social workers (PSWs) by local authorities. Sections 4 and 5 consider drivers of demand and projected numbers of social workers required in the future. The final section provides some conclusions and suggestions for action.


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June 2019

Using SSSC registration data to examine workforce movements

19 Jun 2019

Part two of the National Workforce Plan for Health and Social Care sets out current and future workforce challenges and identifies several recommendations.

We are leading work to identify how to improve career opportunities along with relevant training and education to support the workforce.

This data analysis is a longitudinal piece of work and we intend to expand our collaborative and explorative approach with the sector to enhance the process and ultimately the usefulness of the findings.

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March 2012

The social services workforce in Scotland

19 Mar 2012

Intelligence, issue seven.This bulletin provides the most up-to-date information on the Social Services in Scotland workforce and outlines the size and nature of the sector as of December 2010.

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July 2011

The social services workforce in Scotland

07 Jul 2011

Good labour market information (LMI) can highlight key issues for employers about their existing workforce and plays a vital role in planning for the future. It can help employers to understand more about the workforce they employ and to plan for the workforce they will need in future.

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March 2011

The residential child care workforce in Scotland, December 2008

29 Mar 2011

Intelligence, issue five. This Intelligence bulletin provides a snapshot of the Residential Child Care (RCC) workforce in Scotland. It examines the age, gender and qualifications of the RCC workforce, comparing it with similar sub-sectors and the wider social services sector. All RCC workers are required to be registered with the SSSC and must inform us when they have completed a qualification which meets their condition for registration.

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