Data revisions

This page tells you about any revisions or corrections made to previously published data or reports. The SSSC has a revisions and corrections policy for its workforce data publications.

Revision to 2015 Workforce Data Report and Tables

04 May 2018

The 2015 Scottish Social Service Workforce Data Report and its associated tables have been revised and reissued.

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Revision to age cohort data

11 Sep 2015

We have identified an issue with the age cohort data in the interactive visualisation and detailed workforce information spreadsheets for 2008-2013.

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Revisions to 2012 workforce data

05 Dec 2014

Following identification of an error in the 2012 Workforce data publications in August 2014, the 2012 Scottish Social Services Workforce Data report has now been revised (available here).

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Revision to report on 2012 workforce data

05 Dec 2014

The SSSC has now published the revised version of the 2012 Scottish Social Services Workforce Data report which can be found here.

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Revision to 2012 MHO data

27 Oct 2014

Some minor errors in the 2012 MHO Report were identified during the compilation of the 2013 MHO Report, and have been corrected.

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Revision to 2012 detailed workforce data

15 Sep 2013

Minor formatting and labelling issues were identified in the 2012 detailed workforce information. The issue affects the "LA SWS Table" tab for the rows between Orkney Islands and South Lanarkshire. Some of the Local Authority and Location/Activity labels do not align with the data correctly which gives misleading results. The "LA SWS Data" tab is not affected by this issue.

The file was corrected and can be downloaded from the 2012 detailed workforce information page.

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