Sector Skills Assessment (Scotland) 2010

05 Apr 2010

Skills for Care and Development is the Sector Skills Council for the 1.87 million people working in the social care, children and young people.s sector in the UK. It is an alliance of six organisations, including the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The social services sector has grown rapidly in recent years and is believed to employ approximately 198,000 individuals in Scotland as of December 2007.

The social services workforce is:

  • growing faster than the overall Scottish workforce as a whole
  • increasingly employed by private and voluntary sector providers
  • characterised by a relatively low percentage of skills shortages compared to the overall workforce
  • Increasingly employed in full-time posts
  • characterised by an older workforce profile than the Scottish workforce as a whole
  • still predominantly female, although there has been a substantial increase in the number of male workers during the past decade
  • becoming increasingly qualified.

Sector Skills Councils are required to produce a sector skills assessment on an annual basis. These assessments examine the sector.s skills needs, and outline:

  • what drives skills demand?
  • current skills needs
  • future trends which will have skills implications for the workforce.

This assessment was primarily developed using Scottish data compiled by Skills for Care and Development, and was compiled using a range of key data sources, including the Labour Force Survey (LFS), the Scottish Employers Skills Survey and the Care Commission.s annual returns. A series of focus groups and strategic interviews were held during 2009/10 to ascertain the views of stakeholders on the current and future skills needs of the sector in Scotland.

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