Scottish Sector Skills Assessment Report 2010/11

20 Mar 2012

This Sector Skills Assessment has been developed by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) in its role as part of Skills for Care and Development. Skills for Care and Development (SfC&D) is the Sector Skills Council for the 1.4 million people working in the social services in the UK (Skills for Care and Development, 2010). It is an alliance of six organisations including the SSSC.

The Scottish Parliament has devolved responsibilities for the social services sector in Scotland and these functions are located within several departments of Scottish Government. The SSSC is responsible for the registration of the social services workforce in Scotland, the regulation of social work education and the production of workforce data. There are approximately 196,970 workers in the workforce as at December 2008 and over 41,000 workers have registered with the SSSC as of 2010.

It should be noted that not all social services workers are required to register with the SSSC. Further information about registration is available from the SSSC’s website.

Download (PDF, 889kb)