The Adults' Services Workforce 2016

19 Jan 2018

This report looks in detail at the adults' services workforce in Scotland. It supplements data already published in the Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2016 Workforce Data.

Adults' services account for just under three-quarters of the Scottish social service workforce and take the form of the following sub-sectors:

  • adult day care
  • adult placement services
  • care homes for adults
  • fieldwork service (adults)
  • fieldwork service (generic)
  • fieldwork service (offenders)
  • housing support/care at home
  • nurse agencies
  • offender accommodation services

The report gives an overview which includes all adults' services sub-sectors, but focuses in detail only on the two sub-sectors which can be broken down into more detail. These are care homes for adults (CHA) and housing support/care at home (HSCAH) (shown in bold above).

Download (PDF, 331kB)

Data Tables and Charts

The data tables and charts in this report are available in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) format. Additionally, the tables are available in non-proprietary Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, separately and together in a compressed ZIP file. The provision of the data in these formats is intended to facilitate its analysis and re-use.

Description File type File size (KB)  
All tables & charts (Excel 2010) .xlsx 75.3 Download
All tables & charts (Open document) .ods 50.1 Download
All tables (compressed CSV files) .zip 8.0  Download
CHA - Staff by service type and employer type .csv 1.3 Download
CHA - Services by employer type .csv 0.5 Download
CHA - Part time & full time staff by service type .csv 0.5 Download
CHA - Staff median hours & age .csv 0.4 Download
CHA - Staff job function .csv 0.9 Download
CHA - Staff gender .csv 0.8 Download
CHA - Staff contract type .csv 1.2 Download
HSCAH - Staff by service type and employer type .csv 1.0 Download
HSCAH - Services by employer type .csv 0.6 Download
HSCAH - Part time & full time staff by service type .csv 1.0 Download
HSCAH - Staff median hours & age .csv 1.0 Download
HSCAH - Staff job function .csv 0.5 Download
HSCAH - Staff gender .csv 1.0 Download
HSCAH - Staff contract type .csv 2.2 Download