The social services workforce in Scotland

19 Mar 2012

Intelligence, issue seven.This bulletin provides the most up-to-date information on the Social Services in Scotland workforce and outlines the size and nature of the sector as of December 2010.

The front page of Intelligence.

The Workforce Data Report highlights that the social service workforce is continuing to change with people using services having more choices in the care services they use. Our workforce will look very different over the next few years, recognising changing demographics and changing models of service delivery in a very difficult financial climate.

The information presented in the full 2010 Workforce Data Report was gathered during a period of intense change for all public services and is still having a major impact on our workforce and their employers. This bulletin highlights key data from the report and is intended to help employers understand more about the workforce they employ and to plan for the workforce they will need in the future.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • the overall workforce size has remained stable between 2008 - 2010
  • the private sector has overtaken the local authority sector as the largest social services employer in Scotland
  • 69.5% of the private workforce is employed in care homes for adults.

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These Intelligence bulletins from the Scottish Social Services Council, as part of Skills for Care and Development, will let you find out more about the workforce and help plan the Scottish social services workforce for the future.

Skills for Care and Development is the sector skills council for social care, children and young people’s workforce in the UK.

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