Scottish social services sector: report on 2009 workforce data

09 Jun 2011

This is the second report published by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) combining data from the Scottish Government annual census of staff in local authority social work services with data from the annual returns collected by the Care Commission from all registered care providers. The data was gathered in late 2009.

The report provides an overview of the data at a national level with some of the data being presented by sub-sector or by local authority area. The presentation of the data is similar to the report on the 2008 data (SSSC, 2010) although some new material has been included to allow comparison with the earlier report and to consider the profile of the workforce by employer type at the level of individual local authority areas.

To enable comparison of the data gathered by the two data gathering processes (ie the annual census and annual returns) a common data set (the Core Minimum Data Set, CMDS) underpins both. The data items within the CMDS are set out in appendix 2.

Download (PDF, 530KB)