The 2022 Staff vacancies in care services report

12 Sep 2023

“This Staff vacancies in care services 2022 report is jointly published by the Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). This report provides data on vacancies reported by care services as at 31 December 2022. It shows the number of registered care services with a vacancy, the number of actual vacancies that services say they had using whole time equivalent (WTE) data, and data on the reasons why services have reported that vacancies are hard to fill.

At 31 December 2022, there were just under 11,400 registered services providing care and support for children, young people, adults, and older people across Scotland. Just under 3,550 of these services were childminders, which are not included in the remainder of this report. The remaining 7,850 services employed an estimated 189,370 staff – an increase of 1.8% on the previous year’s estimate. Around 39% (about 74,620 workers, an increase of 2.1%) work in care at home and/or housing support services; 27% (about 50,980 workers, a decrease of 0.1%) work in care homes for adults and older people and a further 22% (about 42,190 workers, up 2.5%) in daycare of children services. The growth in the workforce has been driven mainly by increases in staff in the daycare of children, housing support/care at home and nurse agency service types, whilst being slightly offset by a decrease in staff numbers in adult day care services. The social service workforce (registered care service staff including childminders and also social work staff) makes up approximately 7.8% of all Scottish employment.”


The excel tables for the 2022 Staff vacancy report (showing 2020 to 2022) are available here.