The Distribution of the Social Service Workforce

05 Feb 2024

This report looks at how the workforce in the social service sector (as defined by the Public Service Reform Scotland Act 2010 ) is distributed across employers of different size and types. We refer to these employers as providers throughout this report as these are the organisations that provide social services in Scotland.

The report is classed as a set of ‘official statistics in development’ which means that they are newly developed from our official statistics data set and are undergoing evaluation. This is the first time the SSSC has published data on the way the workforce is distributed across providers of different sizes and types.

We are looking for feedback from stakeholders and data users to help determine if we should include any of these statistics in future SSSC workforce intelligence publications. Stakeholders have expressed interest in the past on having this data published. Details of how to provide feedback on these statistics are given at the end of the report (chapter 7).


Download (PDF, 2.1MB)