Economic Value Report Addendum

16 Apr 2019

The economic Value report on adult social care was published in 2018 and can be found here on the SSSC workforce data website:

The partners in Skills for Care & Development who commissioned the research into the economic value of adult social care agreed to commission an Addendum to the report to explore some of the unanswered questions raised in the main reports.

The main aims for this additional research were:

■ Provide a breakdown of the economic value of the adult social care sector using the expenditure approach by type of service provider (public, private and voluntary);

■ Describe the reasons for the higher economic value in Scotland (per capita) than the other UK nations;

■ Disaggregate the indirect and induced economic impacts by type of service; and

■ Illustrate how the economic value of the adult social care sector (using the income approach) could vary as a result of changes to employee earnings.

You can download the Addendum here:

Download (PDF, 470kB)

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Publication of the 2017-2018 SVQ report

21 Mar 2019
Demand for SVQs expected to rise

Demand for SVQs for people working in adults and children’s services is expected to rise, our latest annual report SVQs in the Scottish Social Service Sector 2017/18 shows.

The report presents a detailed analysis of the entries (registrations) and awards (certifications) in relevant SVQs for social services and healthcare (primarily adult services) and children and young people frameworks. 
The report focuses on data from 2016-17 and 2017-18. It also includes the proportion of SVQ activity made up by Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) in Scotland. The report looks at the registrations and certifications by level and framework.

Information is also provided on annual trends in registrations and certifications by framework and level from 2012-13 onwards. In 2012-13 there were fewer than 10,000 SVQ registrations which is the lowest number seen since before 2005. However, since 2012-13 there has been an increase of 10% in registrations, although overall numbers have remained at around 10,750 in the last two years.

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Publication of 2017 Children's Services Workforce Report

30 Jan 2019

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Children’s Services Workforce 2017. This report looks at the workforce in children’s services in Scotland broken by sub-sector, and focuses in detail on the three sub-sectors which can be split further (day care of children, residential child care, and school care accommodation). It supplements data already published in the Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2017 Workforce Data.

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Publication of the Staff vacancies in care services 2017 report

15 Jan 2019

The Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) have today published new figures on the levels of staff vacancies in Scotland’s social care services.

As with the previous report, this report provides a national overview of vacancies and recruitment difficulties reported by care services to the Care Inspectorate, the body which registers and inspects all social care services. It also introduces for the first time data on the actual number of vacancies services have, held by the SSSC, the social service workforce regulator.

The report is available here 

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Publication of Adults' services workforce report 2017

19 Dec 2018

We are pleased to announce the publication today of the report on Adults' services for 2017. The Adults' services report is available here 

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Interactive social worker data tool 2017 update published

26 Oct 2018

We have recently released an update to the Excel based Social Worker Data Tool (available here). The aim of this tool is to make the information on practising Social Workers employed by local authorities more accessible.

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