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December 2014

Workforce skills reports 2013/2014

04 Dec 2014

The aim of the Workforce Skills Reports (WSRs) is to bring together data on the sector's workforce, uptake of relevant qualifications, and data on service users along with broader information on drivers of change (e.g. developments in policy) in order to identify key workforce development challenges for the sector.

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Scottish social services sector: report on 2012 workforce data

04 Dec 2014

Revised Publication

The SSSC has revised and republished the 2012 Scottish Social Services workforce data report. This follows the identification of an error in the original version of the 2012 report published in September 2013. The error resulted in the social service workforce headcount being underestimated by approximately 1,200 i.e. 0.6% of the sector's workforce.

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September 2014

Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2013

25 Sep 2014

The Scottish Social Services Council today published the Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2013.

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March 2014

Local authority post types 2012

11 Mar 2014

This spreadsheet presents headcount and WTE (whole time equivalent) data of all filled posts in local authority social work services where those employed do not work in a registered care service. This therefore covers staff working primarily in field social work services.

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May 2013

Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2012

29 May 2013

The Scottish Social Services Council today published the 2012 Mental Health Officers' report.

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