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Date Publication  
Aug 22 2021-2022 SVQ Tables  Here
Jul-22 2020 Children's Services Workforce Tables  Here
Jun-22 Residential Child Care report 2022  Here
Jan-22 Interactive Social Worker Data Tool 2020  Here
Dec-21 Staff vacancies in care services 2020 report  Here
Oct-21 2020 detailed workforce information  Here
Oct-21 Workforce Skills Report 2021  Here
Sep-21 The Adults' services workforce tables - 2020  Here
Sep-21  Local authority post types 2020  Here
Aug-21 Mental Health Officers time series data  Here
Aug-21 Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2020 Workforce Data  Here
Aug-21 Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2020  Here
Quarterly Registration and Early Learning and Childcare data ( last QTR to 27/06/2022)   Here

July 2011

SVQs in the social services sector from January to March 2010

01 Jul 2011

This is the tenth in a series of quarterly papers on the provision and uptake of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) in Health and Social Care (HSC) and Children’s Care Learning and Development (CCLD) in Scotland. These papers are produced regularly for the purposes of workforce planning in the social services sector.

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June 2011

Scottish social services sector: report on 2009 workforce data

09 Jun 2011

This is the second report published by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) combining data from the Scottish Government annual census of staff in local authority social work services with data from the annual returns collected by the Care Commission from all registered care providers. The data was gathered in late 2009.

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March 2011

The residential child care workforce in Scotland, December 2008

29 Mar 2011

Intelligence, issue five. This Intelligence bulletin provides a snapshot of the Residential Child Care (RCC) workforce in Scotland. It examines the age, gender and qualifications of the RCC workforce, comparing it with similar sub-sectors and the wider social services sector. All RCC workers are required to be registered with the SSSC and must inform us when they have completed a qualification which meets their condition for registration.

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January 2011

2011 detailed workforce information

26 Jan 2011

Publication revised

This spreadsheet contains information about the Social Services
Workforce collected from services regulated by the Care Inspectorate
(via its Annual Returns in December) and from the annual December Local
Authority Social Work Services Staffing Return.

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So what information is collected?

26 Jan 2011

Intelligence, issue four. Good Labour Market Information (LMI) can highlight key issues for you as employers about your existing workforce and plays a vital role in planning for the future. It can help employers to understand the more about the workforce they have now and to plan for the workforce they will need in future. Good LMI also supports you to improve your benchmarking processes by helping you to compare the characteristics of your workforce with others.

We also share relevant information with Scottish Government and other stakeholders to ensure they are aware of the nature of our workforce and this has really improved everyone's understanding.

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September 2010

Understanding the external environment

22 Sep 2010

Intelligence, issue three. There are a range of resources which provide a picture of the social services workforce and external drivers for change in the sector, for example, demographic change will impact on your workforce. This edition of intelligence outlines resources which assist employers to identify and understand the impact of these drivers. This is a crucial part of workforce planning ensuring employers have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. Good workforce planning will help employers to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

We are sure you will find the information provided in this bulletin useful. If you have any comments or feedback please contact Neil Macleod at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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