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October 2021

Workforce Skills Report 2021

06 Oct 2021

The Workforce Skills Report 2021 looks at the current provision of qualifications for the social work, social care and early years workforce, demand for qualifications and how they meet current skills needs. It also looks at barriers to undertaking qualifications and what new skills are needed for the future.

All workers registered with the SSSC must hold, or be working towards, a qualification suitable for their role. If they don’t already hold one, they are registered with a condition to gain it, usually within five years.

The new report highlights that between 2021 and 2025 more than 68,000 registered workers in care homes for adults, care at home and housing support services need to meet a qualification condition. Most of these are met by the SVQ Social Services and Healthcare (SSH) at SCQF level 6, however based on recent average provision around 25,000 people will be able to start the award over the next four years. This gap between demand and supply is the biggest identified in the report

Lorraine Gray, SSSC Chief Executive, said: ‘This report highlights challenges in terms of supply and demand for qualifications but also opportunities, for example considering if the qualifications required for registration need to change.

‘On the whole, the report shows that current qualifications are fit for purpose and equip workers with the necessary skills for their jobs. It also highlights new skills which are coming to the fore including digital skills, trauma informed practice and infection prevention and control.

‘We look forward to working with employers, learning providers and other key partners to develop an action plan to address the skills challenges identified in the report.’

Download Workforce Skills Report 2021 - Executive Summary(PDF, 2047KB) 

Download Workforce Skills Report 2021 - (PDF, 970KB) 

You can download the tables from the report in either Microsoft Excel (XSLX), Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) or comma-separated values (CSV) format here.

  Description File type File size (KB)  
  All tables & charts (Excel) .xlsx 48 Download
  All tables & charts (Open document) .ods 20 Download
  All tables (compressed files CSV)   .zip 8.5 Download
1 No. of qualification conditions ending for adult social care registrants’ each year by the benchmark qualification 2021-25 .csv 1.7 Download
2 Care and managerial staff, residents in care homes for adults .csv 0.9 Download
3 Care and managerial staff in care at home and housing support, service users and hours of care provided 2016-20   .csv 0.7 Download
4 No. of qualification conditions due to be met by children’s services registrants by the benchmark qualification 2021-25  .csv 0.4 Download 
5 Care and managerial staff working in day care of children services  .csv 0.4 Download
Care and managerial staff working in residential child care services  .csv 0.5 Download
7 Local authority practising social workers 2016-2021– headcount, WTE, WTE as percentage of headcount and WTE per thousand population   .csv 0.4 Download
8 Table 8: No. of starts by year (2016-21) and qualification .csv 0.4 Download
9 No. of certifications by year and qualification .csv 0.4 Download
10  No. of starts for relevant children’s qualifications 2016-21 .csv 0.7 Download
11  No. of certifications for relevant children’s qualifications 2016-21  .csv 0.9 Download
12  Admissions and successful completions social work training courses 2015-20  .csv 0.4 Download
13  Average number of starts 2016-20 by qualification .csv 0.4 Download
14  Average number of starts 2016-20 by qualification  .csv 0.4 Download
Appendix 1 Number of registrations on 1 April 2021 by category and percentage with a qualification condition plus date mandatory registration began .csv 0.2 Download

Appendix 2.1

SSSC registration categories – qualification types required and benchmark qualification code (qualification codes in brackets refer to alternative benchmark qualifications) .csv 0.3 Download
A2.2 Benchmark qualifications and codes .csv 0.4 Download
A4.1 Service types by SSSC registration categories  .csv 0.8 Download
A4.2 Numbers of services, services surveyed, responses received and response rate .csv 0.6  Download


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September 2021

The Adults' services workforce tables - 2020

21 Sep 2021

These tables look in detail at the adults' services workforce in Scotland. They supplement data already published in the Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2020 Workforce Data.

Adults' services account for just over 70 percent of the Scottish social service workforce and are made up of the following sub-sectors:

  • adult day care
  • adult placement services
  • care homes for adults
  • fieldwork service (adults)
  • fieldwork service (generic)
  • fieldwork service (offenders)
  • housing support/care at home
  • nurse agencies
  • offender accommodation services

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August 2021

Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2020

17 Aug 2021

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) today published the Mental Health Officers (Scotland) Report 2020.

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July 2021

2019-2021 SVQ tables

28 Jul 2021

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) supports workforce planning in the social service sector by publishing information on the sector’s workforce. This includes data on those undertaking qualifications relevant to work in the sector.

These tables provide SVQ provision data separately for social services and healthcare (primarily Adult services) and Children and Young People frameworks as well as the proportion of SVQ activity made up by Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) in Scotland.

As well as the 2019-21 data these tables also show historic data (2016-17 onwards) in order to allow comparison. 

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March 2021

The Children's Services Workforce 2019 Tables

19 Mar 2021

These tables look in detail at the children's services workforce in Scotland. 

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